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These are the emojis that would come to iOS and Android in 2023

These are the emojis that would come to iOS and Android in 2023

Be aware that the emoji catalog of your devices will be updated soon and will bring new icons for us to use nonstop. The Emojipedia has just revealed its preliminary list of proposals for the new batch of figures and expressions that would arrive on Android and iOS no later than 2023.

31 emojis emerge that are currently being evaluated by Unicode to see which ones are added and which ones are left out of our mobiles. Do you want to meet them Here we show you what happens.

The new emojis that would soon arrive on Android and iOS

The Unicode 15.0 update is getting closer and is loaded with new emojis. As every year, the well-known coding system prepares its arrival and from the Emojipedia it shows a preview of the icons that will arrive, on this occasion, with a view to 2023 to the Android and iOS operating systems.

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Unlike previous releases, this list with 31 new emojis is one of the shortest that has been shown, since in 2020 and 2021 334 and 112 had been proposed respectively. But that does not mean that this new installment does not seem interesting.

Before its version 15 is released, Unicode will evaluate the list proposed by Emojipedia and it is mentioned that in September it will be known which emojis will be approved to be added. The coding system usually approves all or most of the icons that are proposed, so it would not be unusual to see this small list in its entirety on our phones.

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And well, what are the novelties that are coming emojis are a trembling face, three new hearts in different colors (pink, blue and gray), as well as hands pushing left and right (with their respective variations).

On the other hand, we will also have new animals such as ice, a donkey, a jellyfish, a goose, among others. And several objects are added such as maracas, flute, fan, comb, WI-FI symbol and the famous symbol of Khanda. Here are the first samples from the Emojipedia of what these emojis will look like:

when are they released

As we told you before, it will be in September when Unicode reveals which of these emojis are approved to be added to version 15 of its update. And as you mentioned, it will most likely hit our devices in late 2022 or early 2023.

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The new Emojipedia list is launched just before the arrival of International Emoji Day, next Sunday, July 17. What do you think about it

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