The Google Pixel Watch will be made by the same company as the Apple Watch

Google will trust Compalone of the two companies that makes the Apple Watch, for the manufacture of the Google Pixel Watch, something that will allow the company to breathe relatively easy in terms of the build quality of its smartwatches. In this way, it can also be trusted that, whatever happens -if anything happens-, It should not be related to its build quality.

This information originates from 9to5Google, where we can also see that the Google Pixel Watch will have a USB-C charger, although this probably means that the charger will have a USB-C connector instead of a USB-A, while the side that connects to the clock will be totally proprietary since it usually depends on its shape.

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In principle, the charging cable would arrive with an FCC code G943M and would be a magnetic puck, similar to what we can find in the Apple Watch, and that should allow us to charge the watch easily –and possibly in third-party wireless chargers derived from Apple—.

In any case, it seems that the Google Pixel Watch will be a very interesting wearable, so we will have to wait for its launch to see how it works.