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The 7 Android widgets that I would install on any mobile

The 7 Android widgets that I would install on any mobile

The simplicity that it is also means that it can be used on any device without consuming too many resources in the process. It has several very intuitive categories so that we can add what we want and have it well classified.


If you have deadlines at the university or at work, Rush (or Hurry) can be very useful. This widget will allow us to set colorful countdowns so we don’t forget when our next deadline is.

The widget is one of the most interesting that we are going to find on this list, and it is also very configurable. We will be able to synchronize it with our calendar so that we do not have to enter the events by hand, and we can also share these events with friends.

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As an app, there isn’t much we can say about WhatsApp that you don’t know, but what you might not know is that you can also use it as a widget. Doing it is very simple, and it will allow us to have the application anchored on our main screen.

It is true that at the design level it falls far behind like wigdet, but it is worth having it on this list because of how useful it can be. It will allow us to see any message we receive without having to enter the application all the time.


Shazam is one of those apps that cannot be missing from your mobile. Thanks to it we will be able to know the name and the artist of a song just by making the mobile listen to it briefly and, of course, we will also be able to do it with a widget.

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By placing this on our screen we won’t even have to open the application to be able to recognize a song and its artist, but it will be enough to press the widget briefly and Shazam will do everything else.

volume control

All mobiles today have buttons on the side so that we can raise or lower the volume depending on what we need, but this seems quite limited. Thanks to the volume control widget we can have full control over this section of our phone.

With it installed, we will have access to change the volume independently from the alarm, the media that we have active, the ringtone, the notifications or even from a Bluetooth device that we have connected.

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Spotify is one of the most used apps to listen to music, both free and with some of its paid subscriptions. It is quite comfortable and useful and, of course, it also allows us to set a widget on the screen.

Thanks to this we can control the reproduction of what we are listening to, as well as we will be able to see the song, the artist and even the album cover where said song is found. Very useful and hardly consumes mobile resources.

Geometric Time

If what you are looking for is to control and see the weather in your area, Geometric Weather is a widget that can work very well for you. This is able to show you 15 days weather forecast and it does it quite accurately.

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The app also allows us to customize the widget with various backgrounds with a pretty large amount of variety. Geometric Weather is completely free, so you don’t lose anything by downloading it to try it on your Android mobile.