Phanteks Eclipse boxes incorporate new air filters that improve air circulation

Phanteks has launched in this edition of the ESC two new ATX cases that join the Phanteks Eclipse P400A As far as its filtering system is concerned, one of the company’s latest advances has been the Ultra-Fine Performance Mesh, a new nylon mesh that manages to maintain optimal air quality without restricting airflow too much.

Phanteks Eclipse P300A

The first of the two models is the Eclipse P300A, a case in mid-tower format compatible with ATX motherboards that has a dual-chamber design to isolate hard drives and power from the rest of the system and features full-size hardware support.

Even so, it is a box with a compact design, in which we can accommodate as few as four fans to move the air inside the system, but as we have already mentioned, the efficiency of its filtering It allows the air flow not to be lost due to the filters.

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Phanteks Exlipse P500A

The largest model we are dealing with today is the Eclipse P500A, a box in mid-tower format with greater cooling capacity that takes into account all possible scenarios and enables a triple slot area to mount graphics cards vertically.

That this area is triple slot implies that when we mount the graphics card vertically, this will not be restricted in terms of airflow, in addition to the fact that we will continue to have large quantities of it thanks to the ventilation capacity that we find in this box, as well as the possibility of installing a large number of 3.5-inch drives.

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The Phanteks Eclipse P300A can be purchased from this same month of January at a price of €54.90, while the Eclipse P500A can be purchased at end of March at a price of €99.90 for the model without D-RGB and €129.90 for the model with D-RGB.