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Microsoft Defender for Android and iPhone, antivirus features

Microsoft Defender for Android and iPhone, antivirus features

The moment that many were waiting for has finally arrived, Microsoft Defender has officially come out, which turns out to be Microsoft’s official antivirus and is now available for both Android and iPhone mobile devices.

And it is that now with so many malware and virus threats, it is normal to think about downloading a good antivirus that protects our computer to the maximum in case they try to access it remotely. Therefore, what better than to use one designed and used by Microsoft.

Although it can only be used by users with a Microsoft 365 subscription, this new mobile antivirus comes with all its tools and is 100% complete to deal with persistent waves of malware, which are mutating every day in order to steal as much information as possible from companies and individuals. .

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Now, as for what this service offers and the tools it brings with it, we must comment that Microsoft Defender is an app that centralizes everything you need to protect your phone from phishing, potentially dangerous websites, applications for devices that are infected with malware, among other things.

Microsoft Defender asks for sensitive access to your Android mobile

Some of its functions are especially aimed at Android mobiles, although this is where certain alarms can go off if you tend to be very attentive to the permissions that must be granted to apps for them to work.

The problem is that Microsoft Defender requires that the accessibility permission be granted, which is quite complicated because we would practically be giving you access to the entire mobile. Even so, from a general point of view, it can be said that the app is quite reliable and fulfills its purpose.

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All that said, Microsoft’s mobile antivirus now becomes one of the safest and most immediate performance options you can find, so if it really catches your eye, you can download it without any problem from the Play Store or App Store.

Although yes, as is often the case with all premium Microsoft applications, you must have a subscription to Microsoft 365 to activate the antivirus functions.