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Apple rolls out IOS version 6.1

Apple rolls out IOS version 6.1

Despite the enthusiasm with which apple announces the update, it is nothing more than a minor update that adds support for certain LTE networks of different operators for the compatible versions of iPad and iPhone 5. The possibility of downloading individual songs has also been added to customers of the iTunes Match service from iCloud and the possibility of buying movie tickets from the Siri voice assistant, although the service only works in the United States, so in these parts it is not something that especially influences when updating.

Other appreciable changes are different variations in the graphic menus, as is the case of the music player. Naturally, the possibility of Jailbreak in this new version 6.1 of iOS has been eliminated, but it may not take many days to see a new method to unlock the various Apple mobile devices.

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The update is now available, free of charge, from iTunes for iPhones from 3GS to 5, and for fourth, third and second generation iPADs, in addition to the new iPad Mini and iPod touch, although in the latter case only for the latest generations (fourth and fifth)