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Whatsapp is testing the possibility of having the same account on iPad and iPhone

Whatsapp is testing the possibility of having the same account on iPad and iPhone

Having long desired it, users of Whatsapp they may be closer to being able to use the messaging app on different devices with the same accountat least when it comes to Apple products.

One of the things users complain about the most about WhatsApp on Telegram is indeed the lack of multi-device support. The messaging app is in fact limited to a main device with an active Internet connection.

But according to some rumors it seems that now WhatsApp is testing the possibility of using the same account on both iPad and iPhone. According to a new report, this feature will look more like what already happens for Telegram.

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At the moment the best known instant messaging app gives its users the possibility to connect their account with WhatsApp Web, Desktop and Portal to some beta testers, and is now developing an iPad app that will give you the ability to connect another phonealways Apple, with the same account.

Whatsapp on two Apple devices with the same account

From the first rumors it seems that downloading the messages on the second device will be very simple. In fact, just open WhatsApp on the second mobile device, and the app will download all the messages from the server and this it does not require the primary device to be connected to the Internetas opposed to what happens for example with WhatsApp Web. When you connect to the second mobile device for the first time, WhatsApp will synchronize the chat history and the process will obviously be end-to-end encrypted.

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It is currently unclear whether this feature will be only available for tablets, but for the moment there is no evidence that the company will exclude smartphones. The company is also working on another important feature, namely the ability to transfer chat history between iOS and Android devicesand viceversa.

At the moment, however, there is no official news yet it is not known if and when WhatsApp will release multi-device support. For the time being, these features are still under development, although it appears significant progress has been made.

Image by Alfredo Rivera from Pixabay