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What technologies will shape the future of the iPhone?

What technologies will shape the future of the iPhone?

A few days ago, Apple celebrated 15 years of the iPhone. If you try to compare the first model (iPhone 2G) with one of the latest generation, you can immediately understand how much the company has managed to do in all this time. Over the years, in fact, Apple has done great things, offering larger displays of incredible quality, cameras capable of taking professional photos, etc. .. Not to mention the improvements regarding the software. All a set of things, in practice, that have made the device, today, a real all-rounder object. Precisely for this reason, it seems that with each passing year, the evolution for the smartphone is getting closer and closer to its end. Are we sure this is really the case? What will be the protections that Apple has for the next few years?

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Analysts have clear ideas about what could be the future of the Apple smartphone. Indeed, if it seems that this has reached the peak of its evolution, it is enough to take a deeper look at the technologies that have been emerging in recent years to realize that this is absolutely not the case. Here are the strengths of the iPhone of the future.

iPhone: focus on artificial intelligence

There are many analysts who claim that Apple will focus onartificial intelligence for the future of iPhone. Not only that, there is also talk of big best in the field of augmented reality (process already started with the launch of the LiDAR sensor on the 12 range), displays (probably foldable) and charging methods. There are those who dare that iPhone will become the reference device for the famous AR / VR viewer that the company will launch next year. In fact, even if the latter will be proposed as an independent device, Apple could offer a series of special functions for those who use it together with iPhone.

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It is very likely that Cupertino will continue to improve the LiDAR sensor over the years to ensure that the iPhone itself becomes a big product of managing augmented reality in an accurate manner. It will take a few more years, but it is certain that Apple will point in that direction. Uncertain speech, however, as regards the foldable displays. It is clear that the company is very interested in the technology (as shown by the various patents registered), but it is not clear how it intends to develop it and adapt it to its product. We don’t expect to see something Galaxy Fold-style, but something one-of-a-kind. Finally, Apple could be the first company to present one smartphone completely without ports. This implies that the house would equip iPhone with a super efficient wireless charging system capable of not making you feel the lack of wires at all (the MagSafe system is just the beginning).

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Practically, the work Apple has to do with its smartphones is still a lot. iPhone has by no means reached its full potential, indeed, it seems that its serious evolution is only at the beginning. Look forward to further updates on this.

Ph. Credit: Apple.com