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What happens to iPhones that do not update to iOS 16 and why it is not the end of the world

What happens to iPhones that do not update to iOS 16 and why it is not the end of the world

With the arrival of iOS 16 and the fall of the iPhone 7 from the list of compatible models (less predictable than that of the iPhone 6s), it is logical to think about what is happening now with this model. After the initial anger caused by iOS 16, it is worth asking how iPhones that do not update to a new version of iOS are affected.

There are still pending updates for your iPhone

Although the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 are not going to be updated to iOS 16, the truth is that this does not mean that they will never be updated. There’s actually a round of betas underway which points to the next and, hopefully, last version of iOS you’ll get: iOS 15.6. In the coming weeks we should have the new version of iOS ready for all compatible terminals.

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Now, the fact that this version arrives does not necessarily mean that it will be the last. In fact, there are examples in the past where Apple released an update like iOS 12.5 several years after the end of its development. This time it was due to force majeure, as the COVID tracking function was integrated.

There’s still room for minor and emergency software updates for iPhone 6s and iPhone 7

It would not be strange that in a few months, maybe years, Apple releases iOS 15.6.1 and even iOS 15.6.2 to fix some annoying bug. Or, close a serious security hole located at that moment.

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Will I still be able to use apps like WhatsApp

Of course. Some people confuse the fact that their iPhone is not receiving software updates with that it is going to be useless. Or that your applications stop working. Nothing is further from reality.

The loss of software support means that we will not receive the news and improvements of future versions (except on specific occasions, as we have seen). The iphone will continue to work normally and your applications too. Of course, after a few years you may start to have problems.

If we take WhatsApp as an example, it has been now, in 2022, when it has “abandoned” iOS 10 and iOS 11. This means that the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C are left out of application support, after losing support with iOS 12 a few years ago. As you can see, these iPhones have been operational since 2012 and it has taken a decade since their launch, in addition to another 3-4 years since the loss of support to notice it. something.

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What do I do if I want to have iOS 16 on my iPhone

The truth is that there are few alternatives if what you want is to update or have iOS 16. The only thing you can do is buy an iPhone or get a second-hand terminal (from a relative or friend). To do this, you should know that the latest model compatible with iOS 16 is the iPhone 8.

Keep in mind that if you choose this iPhone, it is quite likely that in a year or two you will find yourself in the same situation. My personal recommendation is to look at models like the iPhone 11 because it costs less on sale than the new iPhone SE. It is an iPhone with a modern design and many years of updates ahead.

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Apple iPhone 11 (64GB) – Blank

Another option is the iPhone SE 2022, with a more familiar design and more modern components. Reliability and power in a compact model. Both are usually at similar prices, so your decision rests on design and functionality.

2022 Apple iPhone SE (128GB) – Star White (3rd generation)