Transfer your WhatsApp data from iOS to Android and vice versa with dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer

Instant messaging services became the main means of communication for all people and also for the business world. WhatsApp is the most used application for these purposes and even has its WhatsApp Business version for companies, aimed at more direct communication with customers. Taking all this into account, each smartphone that incorporates a messaging application surely has dozens of data between conversations, files and multimedia material that are worth trying.

In that sense, we want to introduce you to dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer, a software that will allow you to transfer WhatsApp data from iOS to Android, to make a backup of all the information that we store in the application.

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What is dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer

When we think about the complementary tools that we have available for services like WhatsApp, the vast majority are aimed at reading deleted messages or download statuses. Although these are needs that exist in users, it is much more important to pay attention to the data that we receive through the platform and the chats that we store. In that sense, we can count on dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer, as a tool focused on managing and backing up the information that we store in WhatsApp.

Making backup copies on WhatsApp It is a very little widespread practice that would be of great help to companies and individuals, who base most of their operations on communications through this application. Not only that, but it also opens up the possibility of changing computers and migrating data from one operating system to another in the easiest way.

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As if that were not enough, these functions also have support for transferring data in WhatsApp Business. So, we can talk about dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer as the perfect toolbox to manage the information and data that we keep on WhatsApp.

Features offered by dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer

If you use WhatsApp frequently or it is an important part of your daily life, both at work and personally, then the features offered by Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer will fit you like a glove. Managing the information that we store in the chats can be delicate, due to the possibilities that exist of losing them in a migration, for example. However, the ease of use of dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer builds a lot of confidence and you can quickly get familiar with it.

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Among the most important features that you will find in the application we have:

  • Transfer WhatsApp chats between Android and iOS.
  • Support for WhatsApp Business.
  • Backup and restore of chats and files received on WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.
  • Support for other messaging apps like Line, Viber, KIK and WeChat.
  • Very easy to use.

Why choose dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer

Any user who uses WhatsApp as a base for their personal and work communications finds in Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer a perfect complement to secure both their chat history and the files received in each one. When making backup copies and even migrating data from an iOS device to Android or vice versa, it is something that can be done manually, this application facilitates the entire process by reducing it to a task of a few clicks.

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Likewise, its support for WhatsApp Business makes it a versatile and extremely useful tool, since you will not only be able to manage your personal WhatsApp data but also those of the company. When we focus directly on the user experience, we can say that its interface is the most intuitive, to the point that any user with little knowledge can perform backups or migrate their data with a really short learning curve.

Backups continue to represent a crucial element to protect any information we have and considering that the data we handle in WhatsApp is super important, dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer becomes a more than necessary complement if we want to secure the information.

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Don’t go through any more headaches to migrate WhatsApp from one computer to another and perform these tasks as quickly and easily as possible with dr.fone WhatsApp Transfer.

Need more Then try dr.fone Phone Transfer

If your needs go a bit beyond the information you store on WhatsApp, then Dr.Fone Phone Transfer is the answer you need. It is software from the same family that expands its capabilities, allowing data backup and management in general on the smartphone and also in memory.

This will allow you to back up and also transfer calendar information, via media files, to text messages. So, we are talking about a powerful suite for managing data on mobile devices, with an ease of use that makes it accessible to everyone.

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