Tomorrow is the day of Firefox 4

This latest version brings new features such as hardware acceleration through Direct2D, such as Internet Explorer 9, or almost more importantly, active synchronization, and serial, plugins, favorites, etc.

The javascript engine has also been improved, which will bring some juice back to the loading of complex pages, and the organization of “tabs” and “addons” have also been improved in an effort to make Firefox a browser that is not only complete but also more accessible.

HTML5 is also very present in this new version, with support for high-definition video and WebM, and multi-touch gesture techniques for mobile devices such as tablets are also used.

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Another of the elements taken care of is fault tolerance, which will now allow us to isolate the problems generated by a page to that single “tab” and also recover the navigation as we left it in the event of an error.

Tomorrow you can see for yourself.