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Tips to take good photos on your Android mobile

Tips to take good photos on your Android mobile

Android has a large number of apps to edit photos on your mobile like a professional. But the truth is that not everyone wants to use applications to do a good job, since the same smartphone is capable of offering excellent results. There are many ways to take great photos by using the features provided by your phone and taking advantage of your surroundings.

Mobile cameras have great potential, you just have to know how to exploit it to capture unique images.

Getting a quality photo will not depend exclusively on the number of pixels that the objective has. You have to be patient and plan the scene well to get what you’re looking for. With just a few basic concepts, you will notice a palpable difference. Here we will tell you what you have to do to make good photos a reality.

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– Lighting in favor: Before taking the picture, take into account the ambient lighting that will play in your favor. The best thing is that the sunlight is your ally, since the tonality of the colors of the capture will be natural, you will not have to deal with the intensity of the spotlights. Avoid using the LED flash to get around distortions in hues and take the photo when the light hits the object or scene you want to photograph.

– Analyze the exposure: you have to look at the amount of light that the camera lens captures and how it affects the image through brightness. In this case, if the manual “Exposure” setting is enabled, use it to control the brightness of the photo before taking it. A key point is that there are many third-party applications that can work very well in this area. You will have manual control of several sections and thus you will adapt each detail correctly.

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– White balance: It is used to capture colors accurately, for this the reference temperature for white is determined given the light source. To take good photos, Android phones have several default options that adjust to lighting conditions. If you can manually adjust this tool, you will get better results in color reproduction.

– Zoom in: It doesn’t matter what you do if your object is out of focus. Take a little more time to make sure you have the right focus on the scene. Virtually all Android phones have autofocus, but it will take a few seconds to adjust to perfection. Therefore, do not take the shot in a hurry, keep your hand steady and the object in focus.

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– Composition of the image: here you have to work with the «Rule of thirds». It will divide an image plane into nine quadrants based on equal horizontal and vertical lines. Sure, the mobile camera options allow you to display a grid overlay that serves to represent the division of thirds. So the basic concept of this rule is nothing more than to place the object at the points where the quadrants intersect along the grid line. This simple trick will help you create a visually balanced composition.