The screen of an iPhone SE is more expensive than an Apple stock

  • Investing in Apple stocks has become a hobby for many people who manage stock investments through apps like Robinhood.

  • Apple is one of the select brands that are part of the S&P 500, a list of promising companies that attract many investors from the stock market.

  • The iPhone has been Apple’s flagship product, not only to generate sales, but to motivate investment when new products are launched and they manage to surprise.

Investing in apple or repairing the broken screen of the iPhone It is a great dilemma that many fans of the brand have today and the question is increasingly being asked, because investment in the stock market has become popular, where Apple is one of the companies that attracts the most , for the value with the brand has a bag.

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In a review of Apple’s repair list, the cost of changing screens is extremely expensive on high-end devices. Prices go up to 7 thousand 349 pesos for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for example.

Within this list, repair a screen of the iPhone SE (second generation), which is supposed to be the most “economical” version of iPhone that Apple has, has a cost of 3,219 pesos.

These prices, along with those of the iPhone in each of its ranges, make the consumer wonder what has more value, whether to invest in shares of the company or in a device of this type.

The iPhone is Apple’s flagship product and all sorts of very important guidelines have been developed around this device. Among the elements that we should not lose sight of is that it has become the cornerstone of the entire ecosystem of the Apple brand, not only with expensive newsrooms, but with wearable products such as the Apple Watch, AirPods and now services, which have become become the biggest guideline that this firm has today.

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In the face of all these efforts, an element that draws attention has to do with the way in which brands manage to build an entire experience and it is around it that they develop value.

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This value is transferred to the purchase of products or is carried to investment, which takes these companies as a reference.

Invest in Apple or change the screen of your iPhone

Investing in the Stock Market has become one of the many options that people who are beginning to become aware of their money have, to be able to invest their money and not have it fixed, without generating profitability.

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There are all kinds of recommendations, from those that ask you to invest what you have at the moment so that the money begins to flow, to those that recommend that you first save a sum that will serve you for eventualities and once you have that base. , start saving to be able to invest that money that you manage to accumulate.

The cost of repairing an iPhone SE screen is 3,219 pesos, while the cost of an apple share is 2,460 pesos.

The screen of an iPhone SE is more expensive than an Apple stock

The decision between paying or investing is to give brands an opportunity that they have not exploited and that is to direct their brand towards the need for consumers to find companies in which they can spend and invest at the same time.

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It is a brand that nobody takes advantage of.

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