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The private visit of the PC to La Moneda that unleashed annoyance in the rest of the ruling party

The private visit of the PC to La Moneda that unleashed annoyance in the rest of the ruling party

First thing this Monday Communist deputies and senators met with ministers Izkia Siches (Interior) and Giorgio Jackson (Segpres) in La Moneda. Among them, the head of the deputies, Karol Cariola, his Senate counterpart, Daniel Núñez, and legislators Luis Cuello, Boris Barrera, Alejandra Placencia and Lorena Pizarro.

One of the main issues addressed, according to those who participated, was the request that the PC, but also other sectors of the ruling party, have been making for weeks, for the Executive to promote a winter IFE or direct transfers of that nature.

“We have made a specific request to the government to consider an IFE, a bonus, whatever, whatever you want to call it, but a contribution of direct transfers to Chilean families who are having a hard time today due to the rise in the cost of living (… ). What the government has told us is that it is evaluating a mechanism and that in the next few days we could have news” Cariola (PC) said at the exit.

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The announcement – which the rest of the government parties found out about in the press – fell like a bucket of cold water among the presidents of the parties of the rest of the official communities. And so they made it clear in the enlarged political committee, in which the Communist Party did not participate as usual, which caused even more noise among those present.

It was the president of the PS, Paulina Vodanovic, who inquired about the drops in communication regarding a possible winter IFE, a measure to which President Boric himself closed the door last week by pointing out that it would only increase inflation. “It seems that there are some parties that have only one window,” replied his liberal counterpart, Patricio Morales, annoyed.

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The discomfort was also revealed by the FRVS representative, Flavia Torrealba, and the PPD helmsman, Natalia Piergentilli. “We have seen the reports and about that we want to point out that Minister Marcel has told us that from the beginning the government has been studying measures that can help the community (…). And in the future, we hope that this will be seen in the political committee so that the feeling does not remain that one party or another imposes measures on the government,” said the PPD leader at the exit.

In Democratic Socialism, they mainly resented the fact that the Government seems to be giving the PC a kind of differential treatment every time it comes to the table on some issue, especially on such a sensitive issue and on which the President himself has requested maximum restrictions. The head of state has conveyed that the government must be careful and avoid popular measures -complex to finance- that can improve the evaluation of its management and, incidentally, the approval.

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Later, Torrealba pointed out that “the PC is within its rights since ‘there is no deception in asking’. The biggest problem is caused by the government giving them preferential treatment, over and over again. The congressmen of my party have been asking for months for an IFE focused on the 60% of families in situations of greatest vulnerability, because what exists is clearly insufficient. This episode appears as a new government error that, I hope, does not cause unnecessary friction.