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The new “Never Slow” mode is coming to Google Chrome

The new “Never Slow” mode is coming to Google Chrome

Right from the start, Google has focused more on the software aspects rather than the hardware ones. The multinational company is in fact known, not so much for its smartphones or PCs, but for the mobile operating system Androidand for the browser Google Chromeused by millions and millions of people on their smartphones and computers to browse the web.

Google is always trying to improve its own plan navigation with updates regarding the safety of users against virusmalware and unsafe sites, and with updates to make browsing faster.

“Never slow”, the new feature of Google Chrome

A new mode of the famous is coming soon browserthat is called “Never Slow”, and allows a much smoother and faster navigation. This is made possible thanks to the automatic blocking of script very heavy which can slow down the user experience. The scriptin order not to be blocked by the new method, they must have very specific rules and measures:

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Finally, it should be specified that this block of scriptit will not happen after closing a website, as it does now, increasing requests and slowing down further, but in parallel during navigationto improve the user experience step by step.