The Last of Us Remastereds First PS4 Trailer Drinks on View

“Do not look”

What happens when the game is leaked so heavily that you are forced to announce it ahead of time? You might want to ask Naughty Dog about that, as the Californian developer has been busy putting out fires on its PlayStation 4 port of The Last of Us for a couple of weeks now. This new trailer appears to be a symptom of disclosure syndrome, too, as much of it is made up of a black screen with quotes from websites.

Still, you may not want to see this through to the end anyway, as there is some serious loot for those who haven’t played the title before. The only twelve seconds of actual gameplay footage coincides with one of survival horror’s greatest moments, so we’d recommend avoiding that play button like the post-apocalyptic plague. For everyone else, how many improvements can you spot? The grass is always greener on the other side.

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