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The first 7.5 million galaxies in the most detailed 3D map of the universe

The first 7.5 million galaxies in the most detailed 3D map of the universe

Various scientific institutions around the world are increasingly engaged in learning about the Universe and its mysteries. So far it is theorized that there are about 35 million galaxies and a project he wants is underway record them on a 3D map so that their study, analysis and research is easier.

This work will last about five years and during these first seven months astrophysicists have already managed to record about 7.5 million galaxies on a 3D map. The specific tool is called Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI). It is an international collaboration directed primarily by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy, based in California.

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The real challenge will come when they encounter the mysterious and unexplored dark matter of the universe. This region of space, which perhaps can be detected in more detail with the James Webb Space Telescope, makes up about 68 percent of the vast universal territory. The most impressive thing is that it is constantly accelerating its expansion.

The map of galaxies in the universe

Astrophysicists who work hard on this project claim that having a map at this level of detail it will help science understand exactly how the universe originated. But the most important thing is to know where it is going. Now she is expanding, but they want to know if she will go on forever or if she will eventually reach a zone or an hour of collapse. “In the distribution of galaxies on the 3D map, there are huge clusters, filaments and voids. They are the largest structures in the universe. But within them lies an imprint of the early universe and the history of its expansion ever since, ”said Dr. Julien Guy of the University of California, Berkeley. “DESI is already breaking new ground by producing this map of the universe, which is the most detailed we’ve ever seen. This will help us look for clues as to the nature of thedark energybut we will also learn more about dark matter and the role it plays in how galaxies such as the Milky Way are formed and in the evolution of the universe ”, Carlos Frenk, head of Durham University.

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We look forward to the treasure trove of data that DESI will collect in the coming years. They will help uncover some of the innermost secrets of the cosmos.