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The charging station your Mac, iPad, iPhone and beyond need

The charging station your Mac, iPad, iPhone and beyond need


It’s the best way to safely charge all your devices at the same time.

Many times we are working with our MacBook and iPhone, and we run out of battery, but we only have one free port. This charging station has 4 high-speed ports available to recharge any device you want, be it MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or AirPods, and today it has a 24% discount costing only 68 euros (RRP € 89.99). ).

Beware that it is Belkin, the best brand in Apple products, Certified by the California manufacturer and with a reliability beyond any doubt. This charging station has a total power of 108W, so you can charge not only Apple products, but any other smartphone, smartwatch or laptop you have at home. To charge the MacBook is one of the best and safest.

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See on Amazon.co.uk: Belkin Charging Station (108W)

Buy the Belkin 108W Charging Station for €68 (RRP €89.99)

This 108W charging station is what you need for your Apple devices

108 W is enough for many types of devices. In this case, the 4 USB ports can be used as follows: 1 USB-C up to 96 W, the 2 USB-C with loads of 65 and 30 W, the two USB-A to obtain 12 W or a USB -C of 96 W and a USB-A of 12 W. You can make the combinations you need or also use all 4 ports at the same time. The latter will be detrimental to the load capacity. If you use the 4 ports at the same time, the charging wattage will be reduced, but you will still have a fast charge. For example, in a MacBook Pro you can charge 50% of its battery in just 39 minutes, or 50% of an iPhone 13 Pro in 26 minutes.

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It is accompanied by a 2-meter cable to connect to the current and thus place the station where it suits you best. Have a very clean and minimalist design in companion white color. It incorporates the GaN technology to achieve an efficient and safe charge of the batteries of our devices. This also reduces the size of the charging station while maintaining the power it can provide.

See on Amazon.co.uk: Belkin Charging Station (108W)

With the Intelligent Power Sharing function, the charging station itself will detect the maximum charging capacity supported by each of the 4 devices and will never provide more than necessary to each one. The station weighs less than 500 grams and is compatible with all the devices you can think of. Its approximate measurements are 8 x 10 x 3 centimeters.

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