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Tesla: Elon Musk presents Solar Roof, the futuristic solar roof

Tesla: Elon Musk presents Solar Roof, the futuristic solar roof

As we all know, Tesla is one of the most rumored brands of the moment. With its cutting-edge inventions it can be considered as one of the most popular brands innovative never existed. The same goes for the CEO of that company, Elon Musk, considered by many to be a real innovation guru. Tesla is very famous for producing all-electric cars with a super sporty design. The latter represent the products for which the company is best known.

But apparently the house does not want to stop only there. In fact, we know that the latter has recently acquired a well-known company, the SolarCity, in order to fully enter the field of solar panels. Its goal is precisely to create, as much as possible, a world with characteristics of energy “green“.

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Tesla: here is the Solar Roof

Although the annexation of SolarCity was judged negatively by several shareholders, Tesla still decided to get to work immediately by setting the presentation of a rather innovative product. Is called Solar Roof and arises precisely from the collaboration between the two companies in question, Tesla and SolarCity.

It is a solar roof super innovative, from attractive design and resistant. This should promise, at least according to the CEO’s words, to guarantee one full energy autonomy to the various houses that will mount it.

If so, it would be a further success for Tesla who has been making sparks lately. If you think that soon a Tesla car will be able to travel from Los Angeles to New York completely by autopilot. In a few years it will also be possible to have completely self-sufficient houses in terms of energy. But the most important thing is that this energy will be “green”.

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Another very ambitious project, this one by Elon Musk, which unlike that of bring humanity to Mars, which seems unrealistic, is achievable in a short time.

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Tesla Solar Roof: the futuristic solar roof

From what Elon Musk said, the Solar Roof will allow the production of large quantities of energy without the need to install solar panels. In fact, the peculiarity of this product lies in the fact that the roof, it implements solar panels inside.

The Solar Roof can be defined as a real complete roof, designed for homes (but usable on all surfaces) composed of tiles which, individually, are mounted inside the solar panels. A good compromise in practice, between utility and design. At first glance, the tiles appear as simple normal tiles. In fact these have the ability to absorb solar energy like the already existing but bulky solar panels.

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The tiles will be made entirely of tempered glass super resistant, even more resistant than normal tiles. They will also have the ability to melt small accumulations of snow. The product has a super attractive design, in line with Tesla’s policy, in fact this could not present a product that would have been unsightly. For this reason it has in fact proposed the Solar Roof in 4 variants different. According to the needs of the various homes, thanks to hydrographic printing, it will be possible to choose between the styles Tuscan, Slate, Smooth and Texture.

Also in the same presentation, Tesla also unearthed a series of domestic accumulators. The second generation, called Powerwall 2. Obviously Solar Roof e Powerwall 2 they will be able to work together and can be purchased to make the house super energy autonomous.

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Tesla: Solar Roof and Powerwall 2 at work together

The two products together really represent something very avant-garde. In fact, if the Solar Roof collects energy during the day, the Powerwall 2 will have the task of storing energy and then use it overnight.

Precisely for this reason, Elon Musk has decided to announce it in conjunction with the Solar Roof. This second generation of battery in fact is from 14 Kwh, capable of providing Constant 5 Kw with a peak of 7 Kwh. With a power supply of this caliber it will therefore be possible to operate all the appliances in the house without any problem. So Not you should think more about the bill.

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As for prices, there is still no definite news regarding the Solar Roof. On the other hand, however, Elon Musk, has announced the cost of Powerwall 2. This is a figure equal to $ 5,500 well understood 10 year guarantee. For a solar roof price estimate of Tesla we will have to wait a little longer even if it is already announced that these will be calculated per square meter and will be very high.