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System Shock 2 with renewed air


System Shock 2 with renewed air

A couple of years ago, the release of System Shock caused a great acceptance of this game by critics, a mixture of role-playing and 3D action made this game one of the best. But despite the fact that the critics gave it a thumbs up from the video amateur community, I did not end up liking the game.

The players did not like it very much and the game remained anonymous, it must have been due to reasons such as the style of the game being very difficult, it was not a first person action style game as we know it today (Quake 3, Soldier Of Fortune etc. .. etc…). But the game was not totally isolated, since people who have spent hours and hours playing this game and who have loved it, proof of this is that many fans of the game have released unofficial patches to improve the game and even a translation to Spanish.

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The project that is currently being carried out is going to be a mod for the original game and it will be called System Shock: Rebirth. The purpose of this mod is to completely renew the graphics of the game, since these, like the progress of PC games is very fast, have become outdated, the purpose of this mod is to give the game a totally renewed look in terms of graphics, putting thus many more polygons in the models.

The first beta of this mod is now available on the game’s official website and the truth is that the result, as you can see in the images, is impressive.

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Official Mod Website