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Synology’s DSM 3.1 is now final and official


Synology’s DSM 3.1 is now final and official

The new operating system improves its functionality as a multitasking interface with a more powerful file manager, which allows advanced searches through file indexing, and with better volume management with dynamic size adjustments and multiple volumes per RAID configuration.

The new DSM 3.1 also introduces improvements in the download manager with search in torrent engines or access to RSS. Another notable improvement is the management of backups with multiple “targets” and the possibility of synchronizing folders between different NAS for immediate availability of copies in remote sites as we modify files on one side or the other.

Users of mobile devices, such as tablets or Smartphones, will find improvements in their interactivity with the different NAS applications such as the management of multimedia galleries, audio streaming or even the possibility of wireless printing using Apple’s AirPrint. Photostation now allows the sharing of multimedia content with Facebook, Twitter or Plurk! and mailstation, which is now installed as standard as the mail server, allows the download of multiple POP3 accounts per user.

Support for corporate environments is also extended with fault-tolerant iSCSI support, iSNS, as well as support for major virtualization standards such as Vmware, Hyper-V and Citrix. Interesting improvements that affect the entire NAS range since 2007.