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Spotify unites the world with the “Listening, together” campaign

Spotify unites the world with the “Listening, together” campaign

Whatever song you’re listening to right now, you probably won’t be the only one. Over 30,000 people around the world hear the same song on Spotify at the same time. As if music connected us somehow, even millions of miles away. This is essentially the goal of new global campaign by Spotify, “Listening, together”.

Pop, hip-hop or opera, no matter what we’re listening to, the new initiative allows us to connect with other people in the world through a nice minisite, shared playlists and much more.

Spotify, a minisite connects the whole world through listening

In 2014, the artist Kyle McDonald has developed an algorithm that allows two listeners to listen to the same song even at a distance of thousands of kilometers. Today, seven years later, Spotify allows a hundreds of millions of listeners all over the world to hear the same song at the same time. Connections are constantly growing and with the launch of the new minisite you can view the phenomenon in real time.

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Take for example the song “Imagine” or “Bored in the House”. A 3D view of the Earth it will show the cities and towns that are listening to that song at the same precise moment. Just click on any country in the world and the map will tell us the name of the track and the other points of the globe where the listening is taking place. If you want to take a look at the minisite of “Listening, together” you can have fun at this address.

“Listening, together”, artists share their moments with personalized playlists

Spotify’s initiative also garnered the support of some well-known artists like Selena Gomez, Lil Yachty and Dolly Parton to share their music. Each of them has achieved a personal playlist with pieces related to your own moment of everyday life. For example, Gomez as well as Alicia Keys have shared a playlist dedicated to cooking, Yatchy instead has published one dedicated to gamers.

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Spotify updates the platform every week with a new playlist coming from famous artists or the most popular creators. In both good times and tough times, Spotify believes in unlimited power of music. The hope is that these playlists will enable listeners to establish a common bond with other people from all over the world.