Samsung is working on the next Galaxy Buds, the design of the new earphones leaked

A new leak appeared on the net would suggest that Samsung is currently busy working on the next earphones Galaxy Buds. Based on the 3D renderings that have appeared, we can see big changes in the design.

From images courtesy of WinFuture we can see that the small stems of the current Galaxy Buds Plus have been replaced by a bean-like shape. In fact, it seems that the code name for the next earphones is precisely “Beans”.

The sources of WinFuture claim that i “Beans” they will have a length of 2.8 cmso they should fit snugly in most ears. There are no silicone tipsso any noise removal technology may not work properly.

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These earphones come with two small integrated speakers, which will produce better audio across the board. Microphones will be included again so you can make calls, chat with Bixby and so on.

Still uncertain data regarding price and output

Still no word on battery life, but WinFuture claims that the earphones are in the first stage Engineering Validation Testing (EVT1). THE “Beans” could come out alongside the Galaxy Note 20 before the end of the year.

No word on prices: the Galaxy Buds Plus most recently went on sale in March for € 149.99so we can expect something similar when the next earbuds arrive.

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The market for wireless headphones continues to become increasingly competitive: less than four years ago, the AirPods from Apple and since then there have been an avalanche of similar products.

The next to appear could be the Pixel Buds updated by Googlewhich should be launched in the first half of 2020. However, it could be the new earphones Samsung to win the award for the most innovative design of the year.