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Roidmi X20 Pro review: all-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner

Roidmi X20 Pro review: all-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner

Roidmi X20 Pro is a cordless electric broom all in onethat is able to enclose within the same product both theaspiration that washing (thanks to the Mop included in the package), requiring an economic outlay in exchange not too highunderlying the 400 euros. Let’s get to know it closely with ours review complete.

Aesthetics and Design

Made mainly of plastic, the broom has size adapted to the type of product, reaching 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8cmwith a body weight of only 1.5 kgto which to add the motorized brush, for a total of 2.6 kg. The handle makes it very handy, as it allows you to use it both from the other and horizontally, with a motor well balanced, and perfectly positioned for cleaning under sofas or coffee tables (does not create too much thickness).

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THE materials used immediately appear of very good quality, although it is in effect a mid-range product, the finish opaque allows not dirty it easily, nor to retain too much dust. On the surface they are placed two buttons physical, useful for switching on and changing the mode of use. A little below they find their place 4 leds which indicate the battery charge, while the only one is found at the rear connector for connection to the wall socket.

The system of lock / unlock accessories is well thought out, just press a button and that’s it, maybe it is slightly harder than expected, or than we would have expected. In the package we find one comfortable base support, extremely minimal, which contrasts with the classic solutions that we find elsewhere (such as on the Electrolux Ultimate 800). It is simply a disk plastic to be attached to surfaces or walls with double-sided adhesive, or to be embedded in a wall; the product link is magneticpositioning can happen in various ways, and we must admit being very comfortableas it allows you to access it quickly.

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There main brush it is motorized, as it is moved by a independent motor (inserted inside), and made with a soft roller in hydrophobic fiber (therefore it does not soak in water when used with the mop), ideal for cleaning any surface, both tough that soft, removing to perfection dust, dander, crumbs and hair. What makes it even more special is the presence of one long line of LEDs that illuminates the perfection the scenebut even better than a sensor from brightness; you got it right, the brush recognizes for example when you use it in a bright environment, not turning on the LEDs, and vice versa.

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Accessories, performance and use

The initial supply of accessories is really very wide, we find vents and brushes for all tastes (precisely flat nozzle, flexible extension tube, dust brush, for filter cleaning, metal extension and mattress brush), with the addition of the Mopwhich is the back cloth that allows you to to wash and aspirate at the same time. These can be fixed to the motorized brush (using the magnetic coupling), after using the reservoir internal from 160mlto be filled with water and / or a detergent solution, also adding the microfiber cloth, which will moisten with it (without annoying accumulations). The system it is well studied and conceived, especially the hooking is very good magneticwhich allows you to remove it with a simple touchfor example when you want to clean a rug (the brush does not get wet).

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The digital engine Engine-X amazes for its quietness, thanks to the combination with the Air-X system and the rear filter, the noises are greatly reduced compared to direct competitors, while maintaining one power very high. The product reaches a rotation speed of 120,000 rpm per minute, with a power of 138 watts and a depression of 25’000 Pavery high numbers that testify to the incredible performance of the Roidmi X20 Pro. In addition to all this, the company takes the health of users very seriously, it has indeed introduced a double purification with front filter and rear, with four levels filtration intermediates, for cleaner air, as well as perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

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There battery it is lithium with system BMS-Xthat is a management intelligent of the charge, with a maximum operating time equal to 65 minutes, depending on the selected mode (eco, standard or turbo). To protect the engine, and avoid malfunctions, in case the filter were not correctly positioned, the product will not start. Finally, recharging takes place by placing the Roidmi X20 Pro at its base, emphasizing being a magnetic holder which offers the wireless chargingit will therefore not be necessary to physically connect the cable to the broom (although it still has the connector for this purpose).

As if all this were not enough, there is also the official mobile application, useful for accessing some data (such as suction power, capacity of the dust container or cleaning time), but also how many calories you have burnt in the course of the operations, or the remaining life of the filter (estimated). The connection between smartphone and broom will take place via bluetooth.

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Roidmi X20 Pro: conclusions

In conclusion Roidmi X20 Pro is a really very good cordless vacuum cleaner, although the new model has already been launched, which allows you to enjoy excellent performance at a not too high price. The strengths of him are an ergonomic design, the wireless chargingthe many accessories included in the package, but also the mobile application, the LEDs for viewing “in the dark” and the power / silence.

We have not found any negative aspects, except for the charging base. Having to embed it on the wall, or hook it to a piece of furniture, can really limit the user, although the footprint is really minimal.

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Roidmi X20 Pro

375 euros


Aesthetics and Design

8.0 / 10

Usability / handling

8.0 / 10

Suction power

8.0 / 10


7.5 / 10


8.0 / 10



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