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Receives Technical Secondary School #4 of Puerto San Carlos 8 PC – El Sudcaliforniano


Receives Technical Secondary School #4 of Puerto San Carlos 8 PC – El Sudcaliforniano

Comondú, Baja California Sur (OEM-Informex).- After the Comondú City Council seized the computer equipment that was on loan, the director of the Technical Secondary School Number 4 of Puerto San Carlos, through social networks requested the solidary support of citizens in general to be able to equip again the administrative area of ​​the institution that was in the middle of closing qualifications.

The call was immediately echoed, and little by little new equipment was arriving, donated by local companies, teachers, former students, state officials and local deputy Fernando Hoyos, who personally delivered a piece of equipment.

The biologist Fernando Loeza Palomera, Manager of API San Carlos, Alexis Romero from the Pesquera Tres Californias company, and Odón García, coordinator of the Liaison Office in Comondú, accompanied the local deputy in the first installment.

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The equipment was received by the Director Professor Jorge Venalonzo Camacho, the Deputy Director Professor José Antonio Serrano García and administrative staff of the School Management and Control, Reyna Dalila Sicairos Jiménez, Nadia Evelyn Teresita Venalonzo Suarez and Perla Gisela Aguirre Chávez.

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We hope that it will be of great use to you and we congratulate you for the effort to rehabilitate the spaces of this important and already historic 50-year-old school,” Deputy Fernando Hoyos told them.

The equipment was donated by Deputy Fernando Hoyos; Professor Miguel Ángel Rodríguez González, Head of the Department of Technical Secondary Schools; Engineer Narciso Agundez Gómez, Director of Comprehensive Port Administration of BCS; Fernando Loeza Palomera, API Manager of Puerto San Carlos; Ignacio Hernández Former student; Fish 3 Californias; Bahía Magdalena flour mill; Industrial Maritime Company; Thai food; Fragata Group, and Esterito de San Carlos.

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