Realme Watch review: super cheap, but still with a lot to do

Realme Watch it is indisputably one cheap smartwatch with discreet performance that focuses entirely on being marketed to price as low as possible, to enter a market that is increasingly saturated with more or less interesting models.

From a purely aesthetic point of view, the terminal does not depart from what we are usually used to seeing, the dimensions are 36.5 x 11.8 mm with a weight of 31 gramsas far as the quadrant alone is concerned, and able to reach 256mm in length with attached strap. The latter is made in siliconecompletely interchangeable (they are available with various hooks and different colors), a lot light, of good general quality, although unfortunately, like everyone else, with the approach of the summer season, it will tend to “stick” a lot on the wrist. Once worn you will not have annoyance, it won’t burden you particularly, as it really is very comfortablealso recommended for 24 hours out of 24.

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The strap, if interested in size, features a length from 20 millimetersand an adjustable length between 164 And 208 mm (can fit virtually all wrists).

Hardware and specifications

The clock face is made entirely of plastic, has a unique physical button on the right side, useful for returning to the main menu or for turning off the device. Anteriorly is positioned a display from 1.4 inch (3.5cm diagonal) from 320 x 320 pixelscompletely touch screen. The inputs can be sent both by pressure and by dragging, so the so-called swipes are allowed; what is missing is thealways-on-display, as well as a brightness sensor that adjusts it automatically. Net of what is indicated, we are faced with a panel discreet, the colors reproduced are not very intense, but on the whole we can consider it in line with the price range; the touchscreen still works quite well, there are no delays or defections whatsoever, is not present an anti-fingerprint treatment, therefore it will retain fingerprints a lot.

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The basic functions are perfectly guaranteed, thanks to theaccelerometer to 3 axes it will be possible to measure i steps, calories burned and distance traveled. As a measurement quality it does not position itself at very high levels, precisely because he is slightly “asleep”, in other words if small movements are made they will not actually be counted (we can consider the counts underestimated).

The sleep is recognized thanks to the combination of the aforementioned sensor with the heartbeat recognized later; the detection turned out to be enough reliablealthough it must be said that if you place the device on a work surface it will still record your sleep, even if you are not actually wearing it.

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The sensor for the heartbeat instead it works very well, as does the possibility of measuring the percentage from oxygen in the blood (a must for the selling price of the terminal). It also features the IP68 certification against water and dust, it will allow you to use the Realme Watch even up to 1.5 meters deep and quietly in the shower.

Instead they are missing NFCWifi, microphone or loudspeaker. If you set a Wake Upthe terminal will vibratetwo levels of vibration can be set and, on balance, it is quite strong.

From the main menu the user can also to check there music playback started on the smartphone, use the device as a remote switch to take snapshots, see the weather forecast (always based on the GPS chip of the mobile terminal), ending with functions such as stopwatch and find my phone.

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There great lack is, in addition to the GPS chip integrated (it will therefore be necessary to share that of the smartphone), the Italian languagethe whole menu is, at least for the moment, completely in English.

The Realme Watch it is compatible with all devices on the market that have at least installed Android 5.0in fact, it interfaces by exploiting connectivity bluetooth 5.0. They can be changed i dialsbasically if they can pre-save 6 on the device, among others 12 available directly on the application.

The sports activities you can actually choose from are approx 15, in fact, they include outdoor running, walking, indoor running, cycling, aerobics, gym, football, basketball, table tennis, badminton, exercise bike, elliptical, yoga and cricket (no swimming). They have few differences from each other and, as mentioned, they can all be started directly from the Realme Watch.

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The device can receive all notifications of apps installed on the smartphone without display problems, if the messages are slightly long you will not see them entirely. In parallel, the impossibility of view notifications multiple, for example if you receive multiple WhatsApp messages, from the notification center you can always and only view the last one (for the others you will have to retrieve the smartphone). Finally, the user will not be able to answer in no way, neither with keyboard, nor with pre-set responses. Notification of the call is displayed correctly, not integrating a microphone, the only ones that can be done will correspond to the refusal or silencing of the same.

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There drums is one of the most positive aspects of the Realme Watchconsidering a recognition of the active heartbeat 24 hours per day (every 5 minutes), you will be able to do about 8 days of continuous use. There charging it will not be wireless, but through the base present in the package.


The dedicated application, called Realme Link, can be downloaded directly from the Play Store in a totally free way. It is exactly the same as the Realme Band, personally I think it is well done and precise, since the information is cataloged in the best possible way and is accessible, as well as understandable, by every consumer.

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On the smartwatch they will not come view the steps, sleep and heartbeat of the previous days, the only way to access them will be to use the application. What I really missed is there programming of the mode Do not disturb (i.e. stopping waking up by turning the wrist or receiving notifications), I really felt very uncomfortable having to activate and deactivate it every day only manually.

Realme Watch: conclusions

The Realme Watch it’s surely cheap, it costs very little and on the whole it provides performance perhaps slightly lower than the selling price. The basic idea is admirable, but we believe there is still a lot to do to churn out a 100% valid and convincing product (first of all updating the software with the Italian language).

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Below for ours video review thorough and all scores.

Realme Watch

54.99 euros



6.5 / 10

    Software and features

    6.0 / 10


      7.5 / 10


        7.0 / 10


          7.0 / 10


            • Price
            • Drums
            • Ergonomics
            • Official application
            • Waterproofing


            • Unripe software with various bugs
            • English language only
            • Underestimated steps
            • View only the latest notification

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