PS5 Simulator, the joy of unwrapping and assembling the new console in a game

PlayStation 5 will be available in Italy from November 19, the new Sony console that will take gamers to the next generation of video games. The wait is so high that the pre-orders have been snapped up and stocks sold out in no time. In fact, it is not easy to get one if you do not wait until November 19th and buy it only online. It must also be said that the cost for the next-gen is not affordable for everyone (€ 499.99 for the Standard version and € 399.99 for the Digital Edition), and not everyone will therefore purchase it at launch.

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But the magical feeling of opening a new console, plugging it in and turning it on is strong, especially for owners of a PS4 who are already looking to the future towards the new console but cannot temporarily buy it. So how can we overcome this problem? He found the solution, or rather developed it, Alex Grade with the making of the free game PS5 Simulator.

Mount a PlayStation 5 virtually and turn it on

The game actually does what the title promises, simulates the purchase of a PlayStation 5 with a lot of unboxing, configuration and first start-up. Weighing in at 947MB, the game obviously tends to be an ironic title for those who do not yet have the opportunity to buy a new console and will certainly spend a few hours in joy in full carefree. On the other hand, it is also free so why not give it a chance. To download the game just go to the developer’s official page found below and install it on your PC.

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Ph. Credit: PS5 Simulator