PlayStation 5 (PS5): Built-in microphones DualSense controller can identify player and filter background noise

Sony unveiled its DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 earlier this week. The controller is packed with new features, including haptic feedback, adaptive triggers and multiple microphones to enable voice chat without using a headset. We do not expect the quality to be comparable to a traditional headset, but a new patent shows that Sony has at least thought about a number of interesting techniques.

PlayStation 5 (PS5): Built-in microphones DualSense controller can identify player and filter background noise

Sony’s patent was discovered by SegmentNext and shows that the DualSense’s microphones are capable of identifying the player’s voice and filtering out background noise. “If three or more microphones are included in the array, it is possible to determine the location of a sound source based on the relative timing of the sound as captured by each of the microphones,” the patent reads.

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“In combination with the known location and orientation of the controller (as determined based on sensors and tracking methods) and by extension the known location and orientation of the array of microphones, the location of the sound source within the interactive environment can be determined. In addition, captured sound can be processed to filter sounds that do not come from a particular area of ​​the interactive environment. ”

The DualSense also wants to be able to eliminate crosstalk if more than one person is playing locally. Another patent also reveals a little more about the DualSense’s improved touchpad, which can recognize certain gestures. The patent further suggests that the PS5 may start using the touchpad more, with the system’s UI perhaps having a full ‘touchscreen’ control option.

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