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PC warns about homes in danger in Colonia Modelo – El Sol de Orizaba


PC warns about homes in danger in Colonia Modelo – El Sol de Orizaba

Río Blanco, Ver. – At least 15 families are vulnerable, the same ones who are located on the banks of the Blanco River, have been notified of the risk they run, says the director of Civil Protection, Jesús Osorio Méndez.

He affirms that the climatic conditions of last week did not affect the municipality, since they foresaw a risk situation in advance when cleaning the drains; however, there is risk in some of the neighborhoods of the municipality.

“We have not been affected, however, this is added to the work that has been carried out such as cleaning the sewers, as well as 2 kilometers of the Carbonera River, as a place of rapid passage of water.”

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What colonies are under surveillance

He points out that they are monitoring the model neighborhood, and there are some houses on the Blanco River that are close to the tributary, but they have already been given the pertinent notice to be able to vacate and they can be sure that they will be fined.

He highlights that the Carbonera tributary is subject to frequent maintenance, “The increase in the rivers has been little, the reality is that we have had frequent rains like this week.”

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Osorio Méndez He said that there are approximately 15 families in that river and at the foot of the hill, he comments that the tours during the season have verified all the critical points.

He mentions that the mini-dam of the Abasolo River has been maintained.

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What recommendations does the Ministry of Civil Protection issue

It invites the society in general to be aware of the weather reports and to have accessories such as important documents, bottled water and canned food in a backpack.

Asked if there is a weather contingency like the one in Nogales, Acultzingo and Zongolica, he comments that there are temporary shelters in the municipality, where the state Civil Protection Secretariat has the relevant data.

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It should be noted that the temporary shelters and their locations have already been approved.

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