OnePlus 8 changes processor and price and for a very specific reason

OnePlus has always strived to offer great value for money, lowering prices relative to the competition by a large margin and delivering a flagship experience. OnePlus 8 now has a price of approx 640 euros and consumers of this brand are certainly not happy.

OnePlus want to have a 8 Pro “ultra premium” with no shortcuts or missing features and this requires a higher price tag. It also has significant advantages in terms of displays, cameras and features. But what about of 8? Being less expensive, it will certainly have shortcomings.

Let’s see the main features of OnePlus 8

It seems that the main reason the company chose Snapdragon 865 is to make OnePlus 8 look like a higher-end device. This would have been a great opportunity to choose a slightly lower processor for OnePlus 8. In fact, the processor would have been enough for this model Snapdragon 765.

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Knowing that it Snapdragon 865 it is expensive, Qualcomm specifically designed the 765 for phones with a price of around 600 euros that require exceptional performance, but with older and larger features.

The Snapdragon 765 has roughly similar performance to one Snapdragon 845. It also has many AI, graphics, and imaging features, but most importantly it has a built-in 5G modem, so it can continue to offer the 8 as part of its strategy. “All in on 5G” for 2020.

If you really wanted to, you could choose the highest rated 765G for the OnePlus 8 and keep a lower range and price. Running a display with a resolution of 1080p and 90Hz is within the capabilities of the 765. All its camera features (minus 4K60 video), voice and video processing, Wi-Fi 6, LPDDR4X RAM can be developed on a 765.

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A question of prices

We know who usually buys OnePlus it does this mostly for the technical specifications, but recent price jumps have shown that we care about the cost. With OnePlus 8 Pro that meets the needs, of course with one Snapdragon 865you might try to use a lower processor.

We obviously don’t know the exact price of the 865 versus the 765, but we do know that it’s less expensive. If that had allowed OnePlus to release the 8 for the same price as last year’s 7 Pro it would have been a big win. Instead, OnePlus still felt compelled to push specs and that’s one of the main reasons why OnePlus 8 it’s more expensive.

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