OCZ “one million” SSD drive

Undoubtedly today, OCZ is a benchmark at the solid storage level and this is largely due to its product diversity and for always being up to date both in terms of memory and controllers.

After the gradual abandonment of the memory market, OCZ is paying all its attention to its storage division, where we have even recently learned of the purchase of the controller manufacturer Barefoot (Indilinx) with whom they were already working at the level of integration and which will allow the brand further customize your storage solutions for greater product differentiation.

OCZ currently has SSD disks with SATA3, SAS, FiberChannel, PCI-Express interfaces and also a proprietary interface, used in IBIS disks, the HSDL, which has allowed the brand to gain significant penetration in key markets such as datacenters or application servers. critics.

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