News PlayStation Studios boss: I encourage our teams to be fiercely daring

Sony has established itself as one of the best publishers in the video game business, but also as one of the most daring. Titles like – to name just a few – The Last of Us: Part II, Returnal and God of War are not only brilliant, but also disruptive and bold. It’s PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst’s job to ensure the company maintains that level of creativity, telling Games Informer that he “encourages our teams to be fiercely bold in their choices.”

“I think our teams have been very brave, and that `not only with the twists of the whole franchise, but `also delving into the Norse mythology in God of War, is `the narrative structure of The Last of Us: Part II and creating an experience that is incredibly compelling but not necessarily comfortable for the player at all times,” he said. “I support that.”

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Hulst went on to say that his goal is for PlayStation to “push the boundaries of our medium and the state of the art of storytelling.” And he concluded: “I think that’s why we do what we do with PlayStation.”

The article goes on to explain that Hulst’s role as CEO of Guerrilla Games, the Dutch developer that went from Killzone to the critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, fits him perfectly: “I think it’s very useful to have been a developer very active, and understand all the ins and outs of what it takes to make games,” he said. Judging by Sony’s output over the last 18 months or so, he’s doing a good job.

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