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Neuralink: President Hodak has left Elon Musk’s company

Neuralink: President Hodak has left Elon Musk’s company

Max Hodak, the president of Neuralink, the company co-founded by Elon Musk which aims to create brain interfaces and implantable chips that can connect the human brain to a computer, claims to have left the company for a few weeks already. At the moment there is no information on the reason for his decision.

Hodak, who in addition to being the president of Neuralink he is also a founderalong with Elon Musk, said on Twitter that, despite his departure, he remains a big fan of the company and its projects and has learned a lot from it.

✨Some personal news: ✨ I am no longer at Neuralink (as of a few weeks ago). I learned a ton there and remain a huge cheerleader for the company! Onward to new things.

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– Max Hodak (@max_hodak) May 1, 2021

The missing commentary on Jurassic Park

According to Hodak himself, the reason for his abandonment it would be his willingness to move on to new projects. But there are those who argue that the decision is rather related to Neuralink’s business.

The suspicion arose after some comments by the now ex-president on Twitter in which he compared the company’s work to creation of the Jurassic Park dinosaur park and which seem to have been removed by Hodak himself.

Neuralink’s projects continue, Pager’s success

Meanwhile, the company continues with its projects for the computerized connection to the brain which, as Elon Musk himself states, will have a great variety of applicationsfrom allowing a paraplegic to move again, to a future solution for autism spectrum disorders.

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Furthermore, Musk believes that Neuralink could also help humans achieve a kind of “symbiosis” with artificial intelligence, allowing us to be on the same level as our technologies advanced.

Meanwhile experiments and research are continuing on Neuralink’s projects and the company recently made headlines for being able to persuade a monkey named Pager to play the video game Pong, using only his mind.

The researchers had implanted a Neuralink on both sides of the nine-year-old macaque monkey’s brain about six weeks before recording the video. Before learn to play, the researchers taught Pager how to use a joystick, rewarding her with a banana smoothie. This exercise allowed the Neuralink devices in her brain to record her activity through the more than 2,000 electrodes implanted in regions of the motor cortex, which coordinate hand and arm movements.

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The data was then fed into a Neuralink decoding algorithm, the decoder therefore has including Pager’s neural patterns making the monkey no longer need the joystick for playing.

Ph. Credit: Steve Jurvetson via Wikipedia