MK812 Android Mini PC with external antenna

But the most interesting thing about this new model is not a rather useless Webcam for me, but rather that it is finally integrated with an external Wi-Fi antenna solution that promises a good reception quality. This new model maintains the design with the novelty of integrating the new dual-core ARM9 AllWinner processors with frequencies of up to 1.6GHz and Mali-400 graphics.

It has 2GB of RAM, Android 4.1 and integrates Wifi and Bluetooth. USB connectivity is present twice and the male HDMI connection makes it easy to connect directly to the TV. It also has an integrated microphone in case you have the opportunity to take advantage of the integrated webcam on one of its sides.

  Samsung announces Galaxy J1 and J1 Mini

Its price is 75 dollars in the usual stores (direct information in the link of this news) and boasts new software improvements, native 1080p output support, AirPlay support, memory slot to increase storage, etc.