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Microsoft presents its novelties for PC

Microsoft presents its novelties for PC

Microsoft presented at a press conference what will be its three new releases for this Christmas, the games are Rallisport Challenge, Combat Flight Simulator 3 and Age of Mythology.

The first of them was RalliSport Challenge, this game which was very successful on Xbox now comes to PC as a conversion. The game will offer twenty-nine real cars, prototypes and legendary cars and in addition to all this a number of up to forty-eight tracks and four different competitions in which the player must give his best to win, for all lovers of game simulators is highly recommended.

RallySport Challenge

The second game featured was Combat Flight Simulator 3 (CFS3). In this third part we will take part in the European campaign of World War II.

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We will be able to pilot eighteen planes, American, European and German. We will also be able to find new and better climatic effects, greater definition in the terrestrial objectives and we will even be able to attack the enemy soldiers that move on foot through a certain terrain.

Combat Flight Simulator

And finally Age of Mythology, in this new installment that began with the already known Age of Empires, this new strategy game will have its engine completely in 3D, offering very well defined and impressive graphics. In this game we will play the role of one of the gods to be able to choose between the gods of Greece, Egypt and the Nordic god and since we are GOD 🙂 we will have to crush our enemies to impose our faith on all of them. Each god will have his way of being, and we will not only have to cut wood, extract gold from the mines and take care of the cattle, but also watch over our people.

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Age Of Mythology