Microsoft prepares the public preview of its microservices platform

Microsoft will launch the preview of its service on microservices platform available to Linux users, on September 26th, the day of the opening of the Ignite conference in Atlanta. Using this service from Microsoft, in a nutshell, cloud applications can be broken down into smaller components, aka microservices, which can be updated and maintained independently of the basic infrastructure and everything else. The Service allows to the various microservices to communicate with each other via programming interfaces.

What can be regarded as one of the world’s leading IT companies announced a limited preview of this service for Linux in March. This version works for users of Linux on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. The public preview is also the preview for the public cloud.

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A version of this service for Linux that can be used in local and in multi-Cloud environments is coming “in the near future”, according to a post released by the American multinational on its blog. last 13 September. The preliminary version, set for September 26, highlights the openness that Microsoft is showing towards non-Microsoft products under the leadership of the general manager Satya Nadella, who worked to reshape the culture of the company.

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The preview publishes of the Service for Linux will be available for download through the Azure portal. Officials haven’t said when Microsoft is planning to make releases Windows Azure Server. Microsoft used the technology in question to run pieces of the Azure core, as well as services, including Skype for Business (Lync) and SQL Azure Database. The Stars and Stripes company announced that the company has also used the fabric service in the construction and distribution of Intune, Event hubs, DocumentDB and Cortana. We will therefore see how this novelty will be received in the near future by users.

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