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Metal. The new app for quick access to Facebook and Twitter

Metal. The new app for quick access to Facebook and Twitter

Metal is a new application that promises well in terms of social interaction from Android smartphones and tablets thanks to a better management of resources in terms of energy consumption and RAM.

Metal, hard as steel, light as a feather

Metal, newly created application designed to make interaction with i as easy and quick as possible social network is becoming popular on the web among users these days Android. The power of this application consists in a faster and more reliable alternative management than the official applications of the various social networks, first of all Facebook and Twitter. In fact, in the mobile field, official applications are reputed to be resource-hungry solutions yes in terms of waste of data space in memory yes for the energy consumption factor. These applications, from a direct comparison resulting from the various online reviews of users, are often and willingly classified as “heavy” especially on systems that are not really at the forefront of technology. Given the wide diffusion of these digital tools, the use of contents is in some cases indispensable even for those who cannot afford a trendy device. For this a new app with a high-sounding name has been created: Metal.

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Based on the code of another web wrapper (dedicated mono-site alternative browsers) named Tinfoil, Metal offers a number of undoubted advantages including:

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However, one of the biggest innovations remains that of being able to interact directly from the taskbar through a special one dedicated bar floating(can be disabled) from which you can interact with comments, posts and friends during downtime even in full-screen applications. An alternative application to try especially on dated devices on which the stock apps do not run properly. Free application for Android and without advertising.

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