Leaked specifications of the next Xbox

Microsoft’s new console is codenamed “Durango” and it looks like we can see some hardware details of the next generation console, destined to compete with Nintendo’s Wii U and Sony’s future PlayStation 4.

As commented in vgleaks, the processor will have 8 cores at 1.6GHz, each core will be able to execute two instructions per clock cycle and with no shared resources between them. It will have 32 KB of L1 instruction cache and 32 KB of L1 data cache. The 8 cores will be divided into two groups of 4 cores with 2 MB of L2 cache for each group. The graphics card used will be compatible with DirectX 11.1 and Shader Model 5it will run at a speed of 800 MHz with 12 shaders and 768 threads, capable of delivering 1.2 trillion floating point operations per second.

they will accompany you 8GB of DDR 3 memory, With 32 MB of integrated ESRAM memory much faster than conventional RAM, in fact it will reach 102 GB / s of speed. Storage will continue to use hard drives and it looks like it will eventually use blu ray readeralthough there are rumors that this reader will only work with games, and not for movies or multimedia.

It will have WiFi, Ethernet and WiFi Direct connectivity and will maintain compatibility It will be compatible with Kinect.

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Its components will not differ much from what we can find on a desktop computer, in fact we can see images of the “Alpha Kit“A kit for developers with the hardware that will carry the Microsoft console but in a conventional PC tower.