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iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3: here are their characteristics

iPhone 13 and iPhone SE 3: here are their characteristics

Well yes, although the iPhone 12 have not yet arrived on the market, there is already talk of their future. We are referring, of course, to the iPhone 13 and SE 3. These devices will arrive on the market between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022. What will be their key features? A well-known analyst tells us.

Talking about the iPhone 13 and SE 3 now that the 2020 models have not yet been released turns out to be very risky. Despite this, the analyst Ross Young does not hold back. This turns out to be quite certain about what will be the key characteristics of the iPhone by the future. Let’s find out together what it is.

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iPhone 13: ProMotion display will arrive on Pro variants

According to what was declared by the analyst, the range of iPhone 13 will be virtually identical, in terms of aesthetics, to that of this year. We will therefore be faced with 4 iPhone models, two basic and two Pro. The Pro models will be characterized by superior quality cameras, for the much talked about ProMotion display with 120 Hz refresh rate, and for 5G mmWave technology. On the other hand, the base models will switch to the photo sensor of this year’s Pro models.

As for the SE variant, however, this will also support the new 5G technology. The display will remain LCD but will be larger in size than the current model (approximately 6 inches). As for the cameras, however, it is assumed that this will have the same as the iPhone 11. If the 4 iPhone 13 will arrive as usual in theautumn 2021for this device it will be necessary to wait until early 2022. Look forward to all updates on this.