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iOS 16 would become Android more than ever with an always-on notification screen – FayerWayer

iOS 16 would become Android more than ever with an always-on notification screen – FayerWayer

It seems that the iPhone 14 and the Apple Watch Series 8 would not be the only novelties of the company to be launched in this 2022 that would integrate important changes. iOS 16 would also implement a major renovation.

Apple is the subject of rumors of all kinds throughout the year. In fact, at this particular stage, between May and August, it’s quite common to find tons of reports about the inevitable future iPhone.

Some of these reports contradict each other and all of them end up being confirmed or denied as the moment of their official presentation approaches.

But with Apple’s mobile operating system, the story is sometimes different. Since there are rarely reports that do not harmonize with each other. Therefore, all news about iOS 16 should be taken seriously.

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Even if it implies the possibility of this platform looking more and more like Android.

The always-on notification screen would arrive with iOS 16

The good Mark Gurman, renowned journalist and informant specializing in Apple products for Bloomberg, has just revived that old rumor that emerged with the iPhone 13 that Apple would finally integrate an AOD (Always-on Display) function into its smartphone.

Unlike the previous report, this time there is support. Since references to a possible AOD feature were spotted in a leak about iOS 16 last month.

To this is added the information obtained by Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter where he practically states that this distinctive feature of Android would arrive with the iPhone 14:

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“I was informed that iOS 16 builds on future support for an always-on lock screen, something Apple was originally planning for last year’s iPhone 13.

This would allow the iPhone to significantly reduce the frame rate on the lock screen and display information quickly, similar to newer Apple Watches.”

Obviously, the basis for achieving this would be iOS 16, which implies automatic speculation that the feature could also be enjoyed on the iPhone 13.

But no, Apple being Apple would limit the novelty only to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max as exclusive launch features.

This is likely because the iPhone 14 Pro series will now feature newer LTPO panels that can potentially update as little as once a minute, similar to the Apple Watch, optimizing power consumption.

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The iPhone 13 Pro models also offer 120Hz displays, but they refresh between 60Hz and 120Hz. Which would be the perfect excuse, regardless of what Android has seen for years.