iOS 14 is draining the iPhone battery: this is the solution

The arrival of iOS 14 is headed to be as resilient as the implementation of iOS 13, Apple’s previous operating system. IPhone users have reported issues with some apps and battery life.

The difficulties also extend to the watchOS 7 operating system, which powers Apple Watch smartwatches.

IPhone and Apple Watch users have reported that updating their devices to the latest version of the respective operating systems removes data from health and fitness apps, such as heart rate and GPS Trails. Also, they have noticed that the battery drains quickly.

Apple’s particular solution

The Cupertino firm acknowledged the error and published a guide on its website, in which it offers a particular solution: the complete reboot of the iPhone and Apple Watch.

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According to Apple, these are the steps to follow to resolve the problems:

  • Unpair the Apple Watch from the iPhone.
  • Check your iCloud settings and create a backup.
  • Erase all content and settings from iPhone.
  • Restore iPhone and Apple Watch from backup.

The company indicated that this process will allow “avoiding future data loss.” Anyway, he cautioned that these steps will only solve the difficulties for users who have had two or more of the problems.

In this way, it will not be useful for those who are only presenting a higher battery consumption.

Initial iOS 14 problems

On September 24, Apple released the iOS 14.0.1 Update, with which it corrected the initial bugs of the first public version of the mobile operating system.

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These issues included a malfunction with the ability to choose the default email application and browser, as well as the inability to connect to Wi-Fi networks.

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