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Instagram tests new tool to broadcast live from PC

Instagram tests new tool to broadcast live from PC

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks among young people and it is constantly making its tools more useful and functional. Now, it is reported that it is testing ‘Live Producer’, an option to make live broadcasts from desktop.

According to the specialized portal TechCruchel, the team behind the Meta application is testing this tool so that users can stream live using external streaming software such as OBS, Streamyard or Streamlabs.

“We’re always working on ways to make Instagram Live a meaningful place to share experiences,” a Meta spokesperson told the tech blog via email. a way to allow broadcasters to broadcast live using streaming software with a small group of partners.”

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In this way, it will also be possible to add more cameras, microphones and elements to the transmissions, beyond those that a mobile device has. To achieve this, it will be necessary to link the Instagram account with the software, and then go to “Add publication” from the desktop version by selecting “Live”, reports the portal. Also, you can try or have a preview to start.

But they also report that, for the time being, you will not be able to count on options such as “live rooms, purchases, fundraising, posting comments and questions and answers”, as well as the moderation option.

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For now, they do not have a date when they will launch this tool for all users.

Meta sues user for cloning Instagram accounts

Recently, Meta – the parent company of Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other web services – announced that it has filed a lawsuit against the owner of the website called MyStalk, Ekrem Ates, which it accuses of cloning and fraudulently obtaining the information of more than 350,000 users. Instagram accounts through automated software.

The company accuses him of having used unauthorized automation software by the company to illegally access and collect Instagram user profiles.

Ates allegedly stole data from more than 350,000 accounts on the social network, along with their posts, photos, stories and profile information that had not been set to private by users.

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In 2020, Meta already filed a lawsuit against Ensar Sahinturk for similar actions and collecting data from Instagram users to create another network of cloned websites.