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Huawei P50 Pro review: the cameraphone of 2022

Huawei P50 Pro review: the cameraphone of 2022

Huawei P50 Pro is the new generation of the top of the range according to Huawei, a product that focuses very strongly on the photographic sector, on Huawei Mobile Services, and on top-level performance, in a recognizable body, as well as one of a kind. Let’s take a closer look at the review complete.

Design and Ergonomics

The smartphone, available in two colors, Golden Black or Cocoa Gold, has an iconic, elegant and objectively beautiful design to look at. The back cover is glossy, but it does not hold too much fingerprints, it is made of glass with photographic sensors collected in two circular blocks, whose appearance is less “washing machine port”, although they have a notable impact on the body. The thickness compared to the cover is not particularly high, consequently once placed on the top of work does not tremble that much.

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The general dimensions of the Huawei P50 Pro are in line with expectations, reaching 158.8 x 72.8 x 8.5mm thick, with a weight of 195 grams. It is not a product that can be used with one hand, nor too handy, although it is still dimensionally speaking in the average of the period. The frame metal is slightly squeezed, given the curved display, in the hand does not slip and it looks quite sturdy (as well as made from the highest quality materials).

On the edges we find all the connectivity of the case, with on / off and volume keys on the right side, two lower / upper physical speakers, and USB type-C 3.1 (therefore with video output), unfortunately the 3.5mm jack.

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Hardware and Specifications

The display is a component of 6.6 in diagonally, a OLED with resolution 1228 x 2700 pixels, 450 ppi, with a slight curvature on the edges (not at the level of the Mate series). The impact is incredible in terms of detail, sharpness and decidedly wide dynamic range, it is a very high level panel, perhaps one of the best in the whole current panorama. The maximum brightness is more than enough for use in direct sunlight.

Its overall quality is enhanced by the presence of the adaptive refresh rate up to 120Hztouch sampling rate at 300Hz, but also 1.07 billion of colors, with coverage of 100% of the DCI-P3 space. Fluidity and respect for every single nuance, to satisfy even the most demanding users. Note that it supportsalways-on-display (deeply customizable).

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The processor is located under the hood Qualcomm Snapdragon 888for the first time in Europe on a Huawei top, a SoC with a 5nm and clock frequency at 2.84GHz, coupled with the Adreno 660 GPU. The configuration then provides 8GB of RAM e 256GB internal memory (expandable only through proprietary NM card). Performance in line with the top of the range, it does not heat too much in the back, you can start any game or application on the Play Store.

The device can be unlocked in two ways: fingerprint recognition under the displayor of 2D face. In both cases, the access speed is very fast, without lag or slowdowns worthy of any kind or to be reported.

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The SIM tray has only one slot, the rest is to be used for memory expansion. The Huawei P50 Pro stops at the only 4Ga real shame for a smartphone worth over 1000 euros, while connectivity is represented by WiFi 6 dual band, NFC, GPS, bluetooth 5.2 and USB type-C 3.1. As anticipated, the audio jack from 3.5mm.

Audio is stereothe two physical speakers are exploited, with a maximum volume really highbut above all a superfine definition. The detail and clarity of speech amaze, as well as in some occasions i basscertainly a very high-end performance.

Camera, operating system and battery

The Huawei P50 Pro integrates a photographic sector among the most complete seen so far, there are four sensors divided into a principal from 50 megapixels with F1.8 aperture (and integrated optical stabilizer), a black and white from 40 megapixels with F1.8 aperture (for maximization of details), a wide angle 13 megapixel camera with F2.2 and one aperture 3.5X zoom from 64 megapixels with aperture F3.5.

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The two main cameras enjoy the technology True-Chromafor near-perfect white balance, as well as XD Opticswhose task is to reduce the possible as much as possible optical errors. Net of technicalities, the quality of the shots it’s incredible in all light conditions. With strong brightness we really have nothing to complain about, the images are detailed, sharp and well defined over the entire width of the frame; the management of strong lights is free from defects, such as white balance and saturation / contrast. What amazes most are detail And sharpnesswe hardly found better.

The moment the light begins to diminish, the speech it absolutely does not changeas the presence of the integrated optical stabilizer prevents the micro-moved, the digital noise is seen very late, the definition and sharpness remain of a high level, the colors, the white balance and the management of the light sources, has no defects to report. There dynamic rangeat any juncture, it is sufficiently wide.

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The modality is obviously also present nocturnal, basically the shot is bright and detailed enough; activating it you get the more accurate images of all the top of the range, are defined and sharp, with enough light to be free from defects.

Videos are made to the maximum in 4K to 60fps (even from the front), the focus did not show negativity, it is fast, precise and reliable, even in low light. Excellent stabilization (on various levels), you can easily shoot while walking, obtaining absolutely stable movies.

A sensor from 13 megapixelswith aperture F2.4, the shots are excellent, with a good contouring of the framed subject, a definition and a sharpness more than sufficient. Perhaps in this case the dynamic range is slightly contractedbut they are details.

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The operating system is Android 11with graphic customization EMUI 12.0.1and security patch of January 2022. As you know by now, Google services are missing, lo Huawei P50 Pro is based on Huawei Mobile Services, with all the advantages (Petal Search in primis) and defects (difficulty in using apps that interface natively with Google services), which we actually talked about in this review. Navigation is smooth, not presented negativity o slowdowns; among the most interesting functions we point out the usual gestures, play area, access to a second app from the sidebar, themes for more customization, the assistant vocal Hey Celia and similar.

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The battery is a component of 4360mAhwith fast charging stand a 66 watts and wireless a 50 watts (as well as inverse). The autonomy is more than enough to cover a single day of use, while settling in the personal average of 3 hours and 30/4 hours of active display, nothing more.

Huawei P50 Pro: conclusions

In conclusion Huawei P50 Pro it is in effect a cameraphone excellent, with incredible photographic performance, made with quality materials, equipped with a performing processor, high-level audio and an elegant design. These are the main positive aspects of the product, to which we can add fast charging to 66 watts.

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On the other side of the coin we find the absence of the 5G, the 3.5 mm audio jack and Google services. The steps forward taken by Huawei Mobile Services are incrediblewith Petal Search you can find all the apps, but still today it is not a smartphone for everyone.

Huawei P50 Pro

1199 euros


Design and Ergonomics

8.5 / 10


9.0 / 10


8.5 / 10


9.0 / 10


8.0 / 10



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