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How to uninstall apps without deleting them on our iPhone to gain space without losing data

How to uninstall apps without deleting them on our iPhone to gain space without losing data

There is a lot of content that we store on our iPhone that takes up space on it. From the photos to the movies that we download to the very applications that we install. Some applications that, in some cases, can weigh several GB and that we can uninstall without completely deleting to recover space on our iPhone and prevent storage from being saturated.

Uninstall does not affect app data

The grace of uninstalling applications is that we delete content that we can recover very easily. That is, we delete, yes, but we do not lose your data. A simple download from the App Store and everything is back to normal.

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Here it is important that we bear in mind that there are two things that take up space in an application. On the one hand we have the application itself, the executable, while on the other hand there is all the data that the application saves. Uninstalling an app removes the app but not the data, while deleting it deletes everything.

And this is the key difference of all we are talking about. That we can keep all our data and recover space by only deleting the app, as long as we do not use it regularly. Uninstalling an application is very simple, these are the steps to follow:

  1. We open the Settings application on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We entered General.
  3. we touch iPhone storage.
  4. We choose the app that we want to uninstall.
  5. We touch uninstall application.
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A simple touch and we recover our app

Above all, we will not delete the app via the little x at the top left of the app, as this would also delete the data. Well done, following the steps that we just discussed, we will see that the application will remain on the home screen and in the application library, but it will show a small cloud just before its name.

This is the indicator that the application is not installed, so the space it would occupy is free. Retrieving this app is as simple as tapping on it. The system detects that we want to run an app that it doesn’t have and automatically goes to the App Store to download it again. We don’t have to do anything at all, just wait for the download to complete.

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It is true that depending on the speed of the Internet connection that we have and the size of the application, the wait can be longer than we would like, but as long as it is about apps that we do not use regularly, this system is the most interesting.

Thanks to this simple resource we can recover a considerable amount of space and prevent our iPhone or iPad from telling us that it is full when there is space left over. A space that we can use to store certain information temporarily or to download and perform a software update, for example. We must recognize that the idea is not to uninstall and install applications now, but now too, but for some apps of considerable size that we use sporadically, having a direct access from the home screen that does not take up space on our iPhone can be an excellent idea. .

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