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How to Take Black and White Photos on iPhone Quickly

How to Take Black and White Photos on iPhone Quickly

It is not uncommon for us to choose to buy an iPhone with a good camera, promising to take advantage of it to take good photos, and in the end, in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, all we do is press the shutter button. and that is. It is not a problem, but iOS makes it very easy for us if we want to take advantage of our creativity a little.

A good way to start exploring the possibilities of cameras is to take black and white photos, something that we can do very easily with the iPhone. We are going to teach you how to at least satisfy your curiosity as a photography enthusiast.

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Three steps to take black and white photos with iPhone

First open the Camera app and tap the up arrow at the top of the screen. A series of buttons will appear above the trigger, click the last one with three circles:

A series of color filters will appear in the bottom bar, similar to what we are used to doing on Instagram. The last three filters are various shades of black and white, so you just have to choose the one you like best from those three. They are called Mono, Silver and Noir:

Now you can press the shutter to take the photos you want in black and white, and in any of those three styles.

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Just by doing those three steps, you can try taking monochrome photos and differ a bit from the quick shot I was talking about earlier. If you dare, one piece of advice is to try black and white photography. making portraits of people and some other landscape.