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How to send messages from PC or Mac: here is the new technological trick

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How to send messages from PC or Mac: here is the new technological trick

Texting is quick and easy until a malfunction occurs; sometimes there are line problems and the messages do not go out, which is an annoying inconvenience. When you have a lot of things to tell but don’t have time for a phone call, you can try audio messages: they can be a lifesaver even if the connection quality is bad. However, if you are working on your computer or want to type comfortably, with a small and very simple trick it is possible send messages directly from your PC or Mac.

Here’s how to send messages from your computer

If you have a Macintosh computer, iMessage is the messaging service associated with the Apple ID, which allows you to access the App Store, the iTunes Store and iCloud. It’s an easy way to send messages and even make Facetime video calls from your Mac or iPad. To set up iMessage, you need to enter your Apple ID data and press Sign in. To start a new conversation, just proceed as follows:

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For some time iMessage has allowed you to send messages to other iPhone users from the iMessage app on Mac, but perhaps not everyone knows that it is possible send and receive messages even from Android. Just make sure you are signed in to iCloud on your Mac and that your iPhone and computer are using the same Apple ID. To do this, just open System Preferences on the Mac, go to iCloud and log in using your Apple ID credentials, then open the Messages app on the Mac. On the iPhone, just go to Settings. If you log in with your Apple ID, the system will show your name on the top. Just tap on your name to confirm that the email addresses match.

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How to proceed from a PC: Your Phone Companion app

If you are using a Windows PC, you can send messages via a special app or via the Google Messages app. Microsoft’s Your Phone application connects Android phones to PCs, allowing you to send and receive messages, calls and notifications, access photo albums and open applications. If you have the right model from Samsung, you can instantly share files from your phone to your PC using copy, edit and drag and drop functions. You need a Windows 10 PC with Bluetooth connection capability and a compatible phone running Android 7 or later. In addition, the Your Phone Companion app must be installed on any Android mobile phone or the Link to Windows pre-installed on the Samsung. The procedure is as follows:

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How to proceed from a PC: the Google Messages app

Finally, if you want to use the classic app Messages for Android, the procedure is even simpler. Just make sure you have installed the latest version, get the QR code by visiting the messages.android.com link from your PC and open the app from your smartphone; here, you need to click on the three dots located in the upper right corner and open Messages for the web. Finally, just touch the QR code and frame the QR code on the computer screen with your smartphone. Once done, the conversations should appear on the right side of the same.