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How to put Instagram password on my iPhone in 2022

How to put Instagram password on my iPhone in 2022

Instagram is an application for which you probably want privacy, so if you are wondering, how to put a password on instagram on my iphone in 2022» you are in the right place, because we are going to tell you right now.

No one likes our most personal apps like Instagram spying on them. If you want to have the application under control and that nobody has the possibility to access it without your knowledge or your permission, putting an access password It may be the best decision.

Although you already need a password to access Instagram, if you have the app installed on your mobile and someone takes it away from you, you can enter without any type of barrier, and that is precisely what we want to avoid.

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How to put Instagram password on my iPhone in 2022

To know how to put Instagram password on iPhone, the good news is that you won’t need to install any third-party apps. You can block access to the app using the features offered by iOS. Of course, you can also choose to download an application, but keep in mind that it will take up space on your phone and that you will have to perform more steps than if you choose to configure it from the operating system itself.

It is not only valid for Instagram, so once you learn how to put a password on Instagram, you can do it for many other applications that you do not want anyone to see, such as Facebook or TikTok.

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With the arrival of iOS 12, this novelty was introduced on the iPhone, which consists of knowing the time we spend on each application and having the possibility of limiting that time of use. It is a very useful function to avoid being hung up on the phone all day, and it can also be used to block access to applications.

To put this into practice, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. You will find a section called usage time.
  3. Click on the use code option for “Airtime”.
  4. Enter a password of your choice.
  5. Once you have entered the code, tap iPhone located at the top.
  6. At the bottom you will see the apps you use the most, if you click on Show more all will appear.