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How to find your iPhone even if it’s turned off

How to find your iPhone even if it’s turned off

cell phones They have become one of the most used devices today, with the iPhone, owned by Apple, being one of the favorites. This smartphone has an operating system, owned by the same company, which includes some recovery tools in case of loss.

So if you’re one of those distracted users who tends to forget their cell phone at a family member’s, friend’s, or even at the office, the iPhone has some features that will go a long way in locating it, even when it’s turned off.

How to locate an iPhone

To locate an iPhone There are several tricks that you can apply, the first one is with the help of iCloud, to access the last location of the device, simply access this website and follow the steps below:

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Additionally, you will have the option to lock the device, to prevent unauthorized users from accessing content on the iPhone.

Other ways to locate an iPhone

After the arrival of iPhone 13, with iOS 15, the company enabled a new function, which after activating the “lock the device” section will put the cell phone in low consumption mode, with Bluetooth activated. In this way you will be sharing your location through other iPhones with which you come into contact within a radius of approximately 100 meters.

With this function it will be possible to locate the approximate area in which our equipment is located, even if it is “turned off” or with a low battery. To activate this feature on your iPhone you need to do the following:

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First of all, you need to access the Settings, on the iPhone.

The bad news is that locating an iPhone after running out of battery is virtually impossible.


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