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How to edit messages already sent on WhatsApp

How to edit messages already sent on WhatsApp

Have you ever written a message Whatsapp hastily, to send it and to realize, only later, that you have made a really stupid grammatical mistake? If so, know that you are not alone. Things like this happen to a lot of people on a daily basis. How nice it would be to be able to to remedy distracting mistakes by editing the message even after sending it? Well, good news! WhatsApp has ready the function that will allow you to do it! Let’s find out all the details about it.

WhatsApp continues to update its messaging service with interesting features. According to what was declared, in these hours, by WABetaInfo, the company is experimenting with an interesting feature that will allow users to edit messages even after sending them. Nice is not it? Here’s everything you need to know.

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WhatsApp: how to edit messages after sending them

The novelty will be very simple to use. In practice, after having sent a message within a conversation, to edit it you will need to make a long tap on it and press “Edit” from the available options (this at least on the iPhone). After clicking on the option you will be able to edit the message and correct any distracting errors in the text. Finally, you will need to tap to view the correct message in chat. Apparently, the recipient will not be able to see the change history. So, if he hasn’t seen anything yet, it is possible to spare yourself a bad impression.

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At the moment, the function is being processed and, therefore, still not available to the public. There is no detailed information on when it will be available to everyone. If the tests go right, it won’t take long (a few weeks). Look forward to any updates in this regard.