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How and why to disable the GPS location of your iPhone from the application ‘Search’ | Lifestyle

How and why to disable the GPS location of your iPhone from the application ‘Search’ | Lifestyle

Since practically the beginning of time, the iPhone has had a useful search function, which Let a friend know where we are or we ourselves know exactly where we could have left the device. Therefore, it becomes a tremendously useful tool that has become more important over the years.

Now, having these tools at hand is one thing and another is that, with the excuse of being permanently located, anyone can know what we are doing and where we are going. Not because we are going to do something wrong or illegal, but because there were moments in the history of humanity, some very recent, when one could go to the countryside to disconnect, take a walk and enjoy without having to tell the whole planet. where we walk

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Let’s take the location offline

As we told you, the “Search” application on the iPhone is one of the oldest and in recent months it has received a series of improvements due to the arrival of Airtags, becoming one of the most visited practically since the launch of iOS 14.5 . So we are going to access it with the intention of preventing those who have added us as friends from easily tracking us.

Say, in case you don’t remember, that This application is the one that shows us where our friends are (“People” tab) who have decided to share their location with us, and we with them, as well as with all members of the family (“Devices” section). It is in this last tab where we can see the real-time whereabouts of all the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Airpods, etc., that we have linked to the ID of Americans as well as that of our children, brothers. or parents, so we’re about to turn off the faucet…temporarily.

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To finish real-time monitoring, we just have to go to the “I” section that you will see in the lower right part of the application and once inside, look for the “Share location” section. As you can see, by default it appears on but since we want to temporarily remove it, we move the toggle to the left. From then on, that device will be silenced until further orders. It goes without saying that if you wear an Apple Watch, an iPad or some Airpods, they can give you your seat if you don’t repeat the same process that we explain here, which can be a little more complex to wear. put on and take off all at the same time. weather.